Book Review – The Third Woman by Jonathan Freedland

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I’m having a bit of a book fest at the moment as this is the second review I’ve written in a few weeks. I love reading but having a 6 month old baby to look after has meant that for a long time its been pushed to one side whilst I spend all my time looking after a little person. However, I managed to grab a bit of time for myself and got through ‘The Third Woman’ in any spare moment I had – so here’s my review!

The Story? 

When Madison Webb’s sister is found dead at home from a suspected heroin overdose, she knows instantly that something isn’t right. When the police try to pass it off as just another drug death she becomes suspicious and realises that there is much more to what has happened than meets the eye.

Launching straight into the action right from the first page, the book takes us on a thrilling mystery tour of a futuristic USA.  America has becomes so far in debt that it has had to curtail to it’s biggest creditor – China and agree to a ‘Treaty’ which allows a Chinese military presence on US soil.

Maddy is a no-nonsense character that stops at nothing to get her own way. She puts everything, often to the point of obsession, into breaking the latest news story and thinks nothing of going to places she probably shouldn’t. She leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of the truth about what happened to her sister, even when it puts the lives of others she loves in danger.

She soon finds out that there have been other similar deaths – three young women, all blond, with a connection in some way to the Chinese military garrison base near LA. It soon becomes apparent that a serial killer is at large and her sister is the third victim. Politics is woven throughout the story and forms a large part of why the murders are not being investigated thoroughly and behind much of the motivation for why and how many of the other characters act. Maddy takes us with her on the long and intricate journey to find out what really happened to her sister, why she has been targeted and what this has to do with the city and it’s people.

Favourite Part?

I liked that we were kept guessing about the identity of the killer right up until the end which kept things interesting. I also enjoyed how social media was so such an integral part of solving the mystery and Maddy’s time on ‘Weibo’ helped her to gain vital clues to her sister’s death.


I did enjoy reading this book; it was interesting, original and kept my reading until the last page!

Note – I was sent this book from the publisher via Mumsnet  – however the above review is all my own work and I received no payment. 

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