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A few weeks ago I went for a makeup lesson at the MAC store located in House of Fraser. My sister had bought me a gift voucher for my birthday so I thought I’d go ahead and get booked in. I’ve never really been that inventive with makeup before and have always stuck to the basics (concealer, mascara and eyeliner) so I was excited but nervous to see what would happen.

What are the options?

There are a range of different options offered on their ‘Professional Makeup Menu’ such as ‘Makeup in 30’, ‘Makeup in 60’ and even the option to book in for lessons for events such as bridal makeup. They also offer walk in demonstrations where you can ask to be quickly shown a key feature.

I booked for the ‘Makeup in 90’ which is a step-by-step tutorial covering the face feature by feature. This was £50 however you do get to redeem this against products which means you take away the same value in makeup at the end.

Do you need to book?

Yes I did have to book, I wanted a weekend appointment and these were fully booked for quite a few weeks ahead. I also had to pay upfront when I originally booked which is also something to bear in mind.

So what actually happens?

Initial chat: Your makeup artist will ask you questions about your usual makeup routine, what kind of products you use and your skin type. They’ll also ask if there’s a particular look you want to create or feature that you want to focus the lesson on. As I’m a relative makeup newbie I asked for something which I could easily wear to work but could tailor for a night out as well.

Techniques: I was shown how to use different brushes and which ones in particular were best for different products – I came away with a #217 brush which has been amazing so far. I really liked the eye makeup that we used and she showed me how to use the Pro Longwear eye base, pigment and eye shadow together to get a great effect. Being shown how to use highlighter and bronzer effectively was also great and is something which I will use again.

Have a go yourself: Part of the idea of the lesson is that you have a go yourself at what you have been taught. So the makeup artist will show you a technique on one side of your face and then they’ll ask you to recreate the same thing on the other side. I found this really useful as I felt by doing it myself I’d be able to do it again when I got home. As some of the techniques were harder than others (yes liquid eyeliner, I’m looking at you!) any mistakes you make or if something doesn’t look quite right, the makeup artist will fix it so you don’t leave looking anything less than perfect.

At the end: At the end of the session, my makeup artist went through the products we’d used and wrote down easy step by step instructions for how to recreate the look again. This was VERY useful as I got to take home a face chart with what we had used and full instructions for what to do next time. I have used this a LOT when trying the makeup look again at home and it’s been really useful.

Do you have to buy anything else? At the end of your lesson you can choose the £50 worth of products that you would like to take away with you. I chose a few additional things as well but I didn’t feel pressured in any way to buy anything extra.

Is it worth it? Yes, 100%. I absolutely loved the experience and would highly recommend it. I came away feeling amazing and thoroughly enjoyed it. My makeup artist was so friendly and instantly made me feel at ease which really helped. She was also really knowledgeable and I felt that she really knew exactly what she was talking about.  I would recommend it to anyone and hope to go back again later in the year!

My favourite product: Russian Red Matte Lipstick

One of my favourite products that we used and which I chose to take home was the Matte Russian Red Lipstick. I’ve never really worn much in the way of lipstick before and I’ve definitely never had the confidence to wear red – however after using it in the lesson and experimenting with it at home I’m now hooked. Love it! I also went for afternoon tea afterwards with my sister and after stuffing my face with numerous cakes, the lipstick stayed on – winner!






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    Aw thanks 🙂 Yeah it was a great experience x

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