Nursery Tour

I thought I’d do a quick tour of our nursery and show you some of the things that we’ve used to decorate the room. It’s quite a small bedroom so we decided to keep the colour quite neutral (Dulux Egyptian Cotton) which has helped make the space seem bigger, lighter and fresher.

I absolutely love the prints by Daisy and Bump Art and bought three gorgeous pictures  for the walls. You can really tell that they take pride in their work as the prints arrived quickly and wrapped so beautifully. There are so many great pictures to choose from with the cutest animal designs and they really make the room look special. (They also give me something nice to look at when I’m trying to settle the little one in the middle of the night!)

Giraffe print

Penguin print

Baby Blankets

I was very lucky to be given some beautiful presents when our LB was born including these amazing handmade baby blankets. They really brighten up the room and provide a personal touch to the furnishings that add so much character.

*The blanket with the yellow edging/boats is actually hand-made by one of my close friends – amazing! She made it all herself and is very talented!

Photo of baby blankets

Bookshelves (AKA ‘The Ikea Spice Racks)

These bookshelves are actually spice racks from Ikea at £3 each which we spray painted white. If you search ‘Ikea spice rack bookshelves’ online, you’ll see so many people have blogged about making these and they are a really good way of displaying books on the wall in a really visual way.



Kaloo Donkey

We have lots of toys in LB’s nursery but this cuddly donkey was given to him by his Grandad for Christmas. It is the softest thing ever and came in a lovely presentation box.


These are just some of the things we’ve used to decorate our little ones’s nursery, I hope you like them!

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